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Our Bonds from the Base: The Rural nodes that makes a difference!

Thippeswamy(22), is a 1Bridge Advisor from the remote village of Malalakere, Davangere Taluk, Davangere District in Karnataka. Fending for himself as he lost his father at a very tender age of 12. He has been living with his mother ever since.

He is an aspiring individual pursuing Civil Services, with an aim to work in the Police Department. Until he conquers his dreams, he does farming, runs a digital services shop, and also works as a part time electrician in the computer lab of his village’s high school.

His entrepreneurial spirit was ignited serendipitously. His mother urged him to begin his own digital services business in his village, and with intension she invested Rs20000 as initial setup cost. Thippeswamy on the other hand was not so keen to begin business, because he was interested to purchase a second hand bike using that money. But he was a devoted son and he was tired of the taunts of the other villagers who used to ridicule him for studying 6–8hrs every day. They thought he was just sitting at home and not doing anything worthwhile, whilst he was actually burning the midnight oil to score in his competitive exams. Getting closer one step at a time to conquer his dreams, but he did not expect the villagers to understand this.

This is when 1Bridge was his knight in shining armour! He heard about the mission of 1Bridge, and this seemed like the perfect solution. He was largely inspired by the idea of bringing the ATM services, mobile and utility services right to the doorstep of the consumers. He now wanted to become a promising 1Bridge Advisor, with a belief that a platform such that of 1Bridge would be the right fit for the rural dwellers. This was the perfect bridge between doing a part time job (proving worthwhile) and also not giving up on his dreams. Not just for him but also for other rural folk like housewives, Handicaps and other people for whom a full time job was a challenge. This would bring big change, one small step at a time. With everybody contributing to uplift the quality of life in the rural sector, this was its inception. 

He feels the best part of 1Bridge is that it is 200% secure and trustworthy; with immediate response in the 1BA whatsapp groups — less than 1 min(30secs)

Around the same time he began his business with the Rs20000 as investment by his mother with extreme dedication and-Voila! He could break-even within 2.5 months. He began in May and he was purchasing his bike in July. Our bright entrepreneur at the age of 22 was successfully running his micro enterprise while making Rs 10000/ month.

Thippeswamy’s Testimonial : “Since I started working as a Bridge advisor , I got a huge working experience. I understood at a very young age nowadays everything is about money — people are proud because I’m earning Rs 14000 every month. I was neglected by people since I was at home studying. They bad-mouthed me-as for about 6 months I was preparing for the government job — studying for 6/8 hrs daily. I had 1Bridge to rely on that time. I used to earn between Rs2000–3000 per month through recharge services. I used the earnings from 1 Bridge to buy a competitive exam book that cost me Rs 2000.”

His plans include a good placement based on his competitive exam scores. Marriage is also on the cards post which he would resume his business. What does not change is that he wants to continue utilizing the services of 1Bridge in the role of 1Bridge Advisors and also motivate his friends, relatives and family members.

Thippeswamy says that he is filled with a lot of courage and self confidence. His father’s death had destroyed him but today he is full of hope that he will use his resources : his fitness and strength to deal with the world.

He’s grateful to 1Bridge for helping him to open his doors to a new customer base.


Author: 1Bridge

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