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Noor Ahamed, a young and driven entrepreneur from Thurchagatta Davanagere is one of our 1 Bridge Advisors. He was one of the first people to start digital services from his home in Davanagere. He says, “Previously the nearest recharge shop was about 5 kilometers away, and required travelling” This has changed since Ahamed has been trained to do recharges (mobile, bill payments) , order products online and fill applications for his fellow villagers

“I received my pan card in six days! Directly to my phone”, said Manjappa, when we asked him about his experience with 1Bridge PAN card services. 

Manjappa, a construction wageworker by profession, his income was not taxable until last year. The need to have Permanent account number card (PAN card) arose at the age of 44.

“When the bank asked me for a PAN card, I didn’t know how to get it and what to do, they briefly explained the process, but the nearest office would have cost me my entire wage for the day”

“When the bank asked me for a PAN card, I didn’t know how to get it and what to do. They briefly explained the process, but the getting to the nearest office would have cost me my entire wage for the day”

To save time, Manjappa contacted local businessmen in the district to help him procure one. After weeks of no results, when he checked back, the businessmen said there was an error with his application and a refund could not be processed.

He’d been fleeced!

Ahamed is Manjappa’s neighbor. He contacted him for his PAN card once he started his digital services. “He was completely aware of the process and fees was the same as the website” says Manjappa

Manjappa has been one of our most excited customers. He beamed with happiness when he received his PAN card on his phone, and all he had to do was go to his neighbor. 

“The people in the village are saving a lot of time and money because of these services and I am happy to fill applications and place orders, they are my family after all”, said Noor Ahamed.

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We generally receive our pan card seamlessly at the age of 18, when our parents decide to open a saving account or to make an FD for us. However, PAN cards and insurances are a very scarce concept in rural India. Everything is subject to necessity and availability of resources.  A construction worker like Manjappa, is aware of the benefits of a PAN card, however, the procurement requires him to travel & get fleeced!

These instances are the reason why we exist – exemplifies our vision to create access for everyone in the country, moving forward together as 1.


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